Rules and Regulations in Mexico

       In my country there are some basic rules and regulations for a better living but unfortunately almost all the people don´t follow the rules for example if they are driving over the speed limit and one traffic police stop them and try to put a ticket they try to give bribery and that is fault from the people to do it and the police to accept it; But this isn´t all, sometimes when we are walking we throw the garbage in the floor, we don´t put in the trash because we don´t have the culture, we can think that it´s a little thing but for something we start to broke the rules and after we can´t complain, I know than is hard to do the right thing, sometimes I save the garbage in bag and the people look me ugly like if I were a weird person.

       We have to stop to break the rules, we to do it for a better country.

       What do you think???

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